Why you should pay attention?

Your essence and brilliance are immortalized in the form of an AI Avatar. We harness the ground-breaking technology of large AI language models, like ChatGPT-4, to create a digital extension of you that transcends time and space.

How do we bring your digital twin to life?


Gather Your Legacy

Upload all your content—documents, books, audio recordings, podcasts, videos, blogs, social media posts, and anything you've ever spoken or written. Rest assured; your data is safe with us—we'll never commercialize it like other big tech companies.


Train Your Genius

We take your wealth of knowledge and train ChatGPT-4 to mimic your cognitive abilities, crafting a digital replica of your mind.


Unleash Your Avatar

We provide you with a Digital AI Avatar that's accessible through web browsers and custom branded mobile apps, ready to interact with the world.

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We work with Creators

Consultants, coaches, authors, influencers, and thought leaders, Zingify offers a comprehensive platform where you can publish your courses, events, lead magnets, and event tickets. You can also gather referrals, video and text testimonials, send in-app notifications, and build and engage with your community, all while using custom branded web and mobile apps on iOS and Android.

Imagine the possibilities.

Your AI Avatar will carry on your legacy, connecting with family, friends, clients, and the world. It will continue to share your knowledge, wisdom, and message—generating income, spreading your vision, and making an everlasting impact.

We work with Enterprises

Enterprises can transform their employee learning, development, compliance and engagement experience by uploading their knowledge base, procedures, and training content. Our platform turns your enterprise knowledgebase into a cutting-edge, engaging chatbot experience that captures the imagination of the world.

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